Sarah Nobel

Intermediate School



New Milford Public Schools
New Milford, CT


John J McCarthy Observatory #932

Although it’s only 748 sq feet, the John J. McCarthy Observatory in New Milford CT uses over 5 miles of wire, fiber and communications cable.  The research grade facility houses a computer controlled 16″ telescope, synchronized Meridian Dome controller, digital imaging, video editing, LCD projector, Stratum 1 NTP time server, satellite TVRO, weather station, shortwave radio and a Windows 2000 server.  It has been recognized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and was featured in the July 2001 issue of Sky and Telescope magazine.  For more information see  http://www.mccarthyobservatory.org/

John J McCarthy Observatory exterior

The custom fabricated interface panel, located at the base of telescope, allows clean access for power, data and signal connections to the various instruments used on the telescope











Walworth County Child Advocacy Center

Board Room with Video Presentation System

Walworth County C.A.C Interview Room

Walworth County C.A.C Recording System

Racine County Child Advocacy Center

Phone Systems



Installations that are neat and professional are not only cosmetically pleasing but functional:

A focus on organization will simplify troubleshooting and improve reliability.






Custom Fabrication

Relay Board



Custom Coaxial Switch



















Detailed Documentation
Sample Documentation using Autocad or Viso