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Data Networks

Video / Audio Systems

Phone Systems

Custom Monitoring & Control


Data Networks

Commercial • Educational • Residential

Wired, Wireless, and Fiber Optic LANS, WANS and VPN’s

-Share one broadband connection between multiple computers

-Share printers and files in a secure environment

-Hybrid systems that let you take advantage of the benefits of different technologies

-Networks designed for





ease of use

-All systems are professionally installed and fully documented

 Is your WiFi secure?

Video / Audio Systems

-Studio design and installation

-Conference Room Recording

-CATV / Satellite distribution

-Distance Learning

-Multimedia classrooms

-Video monitoring and imaging using analog or digital

-Intercoms and sound systems

-Off Air, satellite and microwave antenna installation including satellite radio and digital TV

-Home theater design and installation


Phone Systems

From basic single line to full-featured multi line systems using standard phone service or VoIP

Residential or Commercial

Add a second line for your family or home office

Add a jack for your TiVo or satellite receiver

FAX and DSL installations





Custom Monitoring & Control

Nyquist Engineering specializes in the design and fabrication of custom interfaces using RS-232 Serial, USB and radio links for

-Astronomical Observatory Control

-Precision Timing Systems

-Data Aquistion

-Remote Sensing

-Remote Switching

-Device Control